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Our Philosophy

Did you know? Riding is the only sport in the Olympic Games where men and women compete directly against each other.

Our philosophy at Abingdon Park is to build an excellent lesson program through hard work of both instructor and student, patience, dedication to the sport and committment. Students will be started in a safe manner with attention to detail and care and concern for their horses. We believe in creating competent horsepeople and building leadership skills through a team-based environment. We believe in our ability to create excellent riders that are effective, confident and have a healthy competitive mindset.

Abingdon Park students

Our Goals
  • To create competent horsepeople through teaching horse management and patience.
  • To teach safely and effectively so that each student accomplishes his or her own goals.
  • To  promote a team environment where all students feel welcome and appreciated.
  • To create a quality show team with successful, confident riders.
  • To train any horse or pony to be quiet, disciplined and safe for any level of rider.

You have been a blessing to Lauren* and a great example of an instructor with standards and organization and someone who upholds them once they are set. 
- Cindy Woodcock
 *Lauren is now an instructor herself!

Abingdon Park, LLC
9985 Zipper Rd.
Pilot Point, TX 76258
(214) 924-0097

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